TOTAL OASIS is a place of rest and resource for the minds and bodies of all visitors.   I am using this virtual space as a forum through which I can share a lifestyle of whole wellness to those around me.  I have spent years practicing Reiki and mastering the natural ways of improving the mind and body to live a better quality life.  In sharing my growing knowledge and gifts with you, by introducing you to Reiki and meditation, along with other resources I have come to know and benefit from over the years, it is my wish to be a conduit of energy, healing, peace, and love.   We all have the potential to heal, be blessed, and to bless others around us. Within the pages of Total Oasis you will find resources to take control of your own wellbeing, to understand the energies around you and discover your own potential of growth.  Thank you for visiting, and I wish you the best on your personal journey.

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______________________________________ Love & Light,

_______________________________________ - Lynn-Ann



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