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Benefits of Wheatgrass

The Power of Wheatgrass
- Wheatgrass contains a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids.
- It is great for cellular renewal and helps keep a balanced ph level.
- A great internal detoxifier that helps us age better.
- Provides us with evergy to give you that youthful glow.

Chlorophyll in Wheatgrass
- Chlorophyll found in wheatgrass has the ability to break down poisonous carbon dioxide and delivers oxygen to the cells effectively.
- It neutralizes free radical toxins from the bloodstream.

The INS Advantage
- INS cultivates its wheatgrass in a strerile envionment utilizing an indoor Aerophonic Cultivation Method. - In this technology, even the roots of the wheatgrass remain edible, preserving its nutrients throughout the production process, making INS Wheatgrass a truly high-tech health supplement.


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